Sweet Escape to: Boracay Island

March 14 – 17, 2017

I know this is a very late post. Anyway we got a budget airfare from MNL to Kalibo  so summer 2017 would be at Boracay!


Arrived at Boracay around 3PM which it supposed to be 11AM for the reason of delayed flight as usual. First thing we did in boracay is to check in on our hotel at Station 2 and a very very late lunch almost dinner. Then meet our friends who is in boracay also then sunset watching.

Actually there are a lot of activities in the island. So here are some of activities we tried.

Day 2 Activity: Island Hopping, Snorkeling and Cliff diving. I always enjoy snorkeling especially here in boracay since the water current is not that strong unlike in Coron and El nido. I also found dory (Blue tang fish) and nemo (Clown fish).


While Day 3 Activity: Is more on our bucketlist activities which is the Parasailing and Helmet diving which I super enjoyed especially when we start to feed them and I can also poke the fishes.


We also tried at boracay is:



  • Boracay Toilet – I really included it on our itinerary that we should try it. Boracay toilet has a unique interior and unique way of serving their foods. I guess you know why. By the way if you’re planning to to visit this restaurant if I’m not mistaken they closed in the afternoon around 1PM to 4PM I think and open again at night

          March 19 Backup 481March 19 Backup 484

  • True Food indian cuisine – Last night at boracay and our friend suddenly nag us to try indian food so we tried it here.

Also, you should try the calamansi muffin. If I’m not mistaken 1 muffin cost for 35php but they also sell it on a box of 6 pcs. Last thing before our last day at boracay ends souvenir/pasalubong shopping.

So far I enjoyed my first visit at boracay. I just hate to see trash floating around the sea and dirty shore. I know this post is so lame I’m really sorry for that. Anyway as what they always say “Better late than never” I’ll update this post soon if time permits. Happy Reading!

♥ Sincerely, Mary Joy


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