Universal Studio Japan


Decemeber 8, 2016

So next stop Universal Studio Japan. And I’m dying to visit the famous wizard world of harry potter which is my number 1 reason why I wanted to visit osaka.

Arrived at USJ around 9am. And let the adventure begins. We tried Jaws, terminator, water world, watched universal Studio Reborn parade etc. As well as there are a lot of restaurant and food cart (with cute food)  around the amusement park but its a bit pricey. Of course I also enjoy the other attractions at the park but I won’t elaborate too much on the other attractions.



Minion Hot chocolate because I’m freaking freezing and I need a warm drink.


USJ Reborn parade.

But the highlight of this trip is like I said a while ago “Wizard world of Harry potter” well actually before we visit other attraction we visited first WWoHP, since as what I read on blogs this attraction has the large crowd and I can’t afford to miss this opportunity.

Anyway upon entering you will already hear harry potter music which makes me more excited. See pictures below.



Then after roaming around I bought souvenirs at WWoHP, like Butter beer mug (1500 yen), Hermonie Granger wand (4800 yen) then they’ll give you a map with designated area where you try it, HP magnets (1500 yen).

DSCF0700.JPG I didn’t get the chance to try the butter beer for the reason of the long lines I also want to buy a robe but since I can’t spend too much considering I’m staying more days on Japan. Well you know that amusement park food/drinks or items is expensive. Oh I also bought some other items from other attractions too like Hello kitty key chain & pen, cute sesame street lip balm set etc.


As always, I enjoyed my whole day at Universal Studio and I’m hoping to come back again soon. And you when are you going? In any case just arrive the park early and don’t ever forget visit to WWoHP! Happy Reading,

Sorry for posting late, but I’ve been busy lately.

♥ Sincerely, Mary Joy


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