Sweet Escape to: Osaka, Japan


December 07 , 2016

The much awaited and another best from 2016 (After passing the board exam). I’ve been waiting for months for this travel so okay we’ve visited Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. We left Manila 6:30 am via Jetstar from NAIA Terminal 1 and arrived 11:00 am at Kansai International Airport. First stop Osaka.

 We get around Osaka, Kyoto and Nara mostly by trains. Luckily our hotel is just a minutes away from the nearest train station which is Shin Osaka Station. Anyway regarding on the internet, you can hire a pocket WIFI at the airport but they only accept credit card for payment. And also I suggest that before visiting japan you should learn some of their basic manners first.

Day 1 Activities:

National Museum of Art Osaka, Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building (which has a floating garden observatory), Shop at Lucua 1100 and Dotonbori. But before we start to roam around Osaka we tried Pork buns called Butaman at 551 Horai and it’s so delicious! Almost a palm size and It’s a must try.

Being an Architect I really look forward to see amazing architecture (buildings and Structures). Luckily found the National Museum of Art (NMOA) – Osaka by Cesar Pelli. Well, it’s a subterranean Japanese art museum located on the island of Nakanoshima.  My first Japanese Castle which is the Osaka Castle, Is one of the famous landmark in Osaka. Before, I just seen it on books and videos but now I’ve seen it with my bare eyes, you really appreciate it when you see it personally.


And last but not the least the Umeda sky building by Hiroshi Hara, is a spectacular high-rise building in the Kita district of Osaka, near Osaka and Umeda Stations. I even got a chance to visit the superb “Floating Observatory Garden”  at the top of Umeda sky building where it offers great views of the city. Admission fee cost for 1000 yen.


Dinner at Kamukura and to be honest it’s my first ramen noodles.


Last stop for today is the famous Dotonbori in the Namba district. Finally! What to do in Dotonbori? Shopping, Foodtrips and see the famous Glico man billboard. And this is where I tried the famous pablo cheesecake even though it already has a store in Manila.


I’ll be sharing more of this trip soon if time permits. Happy Reading!

♥ Sincerely, Mary Joy


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